“The Hook: Narrow Escape”
Release: October 2023
Website: Ravens Vail

Description: This original work from author Ed Bolden-Greer is an original writing based on an Appalachian Urban Legend told by his Grandfather Earl Ray Fultz. A tale of true horror finds two young lovers in danger then and now. This work was originally presented at Appalachian HorrorFest 2023.

Written and Performed by Ed Bolden-Greer
Audio Engineering & Sound Design by Nick DeVan at Nicky D Sound Studio
Produced and edited by Jeryd Bolden-Greer
Podcast Theme music: “Magic” was written by Jeryd Bolden-Greer and performed by The Coven Squared.
Ravens Vail Coven is a production of Small Raven Media. The original author retains ownership of their work, however, this recording and all material content related to this episode are the property of the Ravens Vail Podcast and Small Ravens Media. Copyright 2023 by Small Raven Media. All rights reserved.