Submission Guidelines

[Please familiarize yourself with the guidelines carefully before submitting to receive a response from our team.]


What we’re looking for…

The Ravens Vail Podcast Network produces and curates the Ravens Vail Coven podcast, which shares horror, dark fantasy, and other disturbing fiction stories submitted by the public. The producers encourage you to defy the standard definition of horror. Traditional tropes and monsters are welcome, but we ask that you give us your unique take.

Avoid any cliches within the horror genre unless used purposefully and cleverly as a device to further your story. We expect to be terrified or creeped out by your storyline.  Propel us deep into your dark tale with frightening environments where crumbling Gothic mansions hold dark secrets. Show us real-world horrors involving evil people with dark intentions who could live next door. Make our breath catch in our throats as we’re hunted by reality-bending ravenous creatures. Unhinge our minds with psychological horrors. Make us feel the pain and sorrow of a long-tortured spirit. We want to read works that threaten our reality and corrupt our mental stability.

We greatly value diversity, equality, and inclusivity and seek to publish horror and dark fantasy from writers of different races, colors, religions, national origins, sexual identity, sexual orientation, gender identities, gender expressions, parental statuses, marital statuses, ages, disabilities, citizenships, veteran statuses, or genetic information.

We’re NOT looking for…

  • Storylines that are not horror, dark fantasy, or some form of disturbing fiction
  • Sex is fine, but total erotica and torture porn is not
  • Storylines that promote intolerance of a person or group’s race, religion, nationality, physical or mental ability, gender identity, or sexual orientation
  • Storylines that promote or erroneously represent child abuse, animal abuse, or sexual assault

Submission Format…

  • Minimum 2,000 words
  • Maximum 10,000 words
  • Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format documents are preferable.
  • Double spaced
  • 12 pt. Courier New or Times New Roman font
  • Include the author, title, and word count on the first page.
  • Do not submit your story by pasting the text into the body of your submission email.

Our submission Process…

We encourage you to listen to our podcast and get a feel for what we’re after before submitting your story. Once your manuscript is ready, double-check that your story is actually attached and email your story to submissions@ravensvail.com. After your story is submitted, you will receive an automated response when your submission is received. We’re a small team, so most submissions are reviewed in the order they are submitted. You will receive a response within 60-90 days. It will be reviewed by a staff member and rated based on submission quality and suitability for our podcast. Feel free to contact us if you haven’t heard anything in 90 days. We receive many great submissions that don’t fit our tone or won’t work well in an audio format, so don’t be discouraged if you’re rejected. You will be notified once your story has been accepted or rejected. If accepted, we’ll be in touch with the contract and publication details. If your story is selected, you may be asked to work with the story editor on edits or tweaks to ensure your story is as perfect for the show as possible. Feel free to introduce yourself and say hello, but cover letters or resumes aren’t required. Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, any submissions that don’t follow our requirements will be automatically rejected.

We welcome submissions of previously published works if they do not infringe on existing publication agreements or copyrights. You will need to disclose the location and date your work was previously published when submitting.  Please do not respond to rejection letters. However, you can submit a different story at that time if we are open for submissions.

We pay between $0.01 and $0.1 USD per word for accepted submissions. Payments are processed on the 15th of the month following the date air of the story.

Thank you for taking the time to review our submission guidelines. We hope to hear from you soon.