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Well, family, we’re so glad y’all showed up to do your chores. As part of the family, everybody’s gotta pull their weight. We believe family needs to stick together. We love connecting and staying in touch with you guys, so we invite y’all to follow us on all the social media platforms we’ve made available just for you guys. We regularly release new content, exciting announcements, and information about contests and giveaways, but most importantly, our social media channels help us stay engaged with y’all. So, “like and follow” us on all our social media channels and drop a comment to say howdy. Oh, and tell your friends about us, won’t ya?

The Family Reunion

As the leaves change color and it gets a little cooler outdoors,  the family begins to get excited about our annual Ravens Vail Family Reunion.  The Family Reunion takes place during Appalachian HorrorFest, an evening of bloodcurdling storytelling.  Come and enjoy as the Creator and Cast of Ravens Vail and the Members of the Coven weave their tales of all things spooky!  The festival highlights some of the most talented storytellers in Appalachia.   Through the power and creativity of telling ghost stories, one of Appalachia’s most culturally significant traditions, we create a community where entertainment and enlightenment merge in a night of darkness and horror.  


The Front Porch

Ravens Vail Weekly Discord- The Front Porch is a place where the Ravens Vail family and friends can gather like we used to on the front porch to visit with one another and ask questions about Ravens Vail.  Come join us on The Front Porch, the official Discord audio server for the Ravens Vail Podcast, every Thursday at 8:30 PM EST.  Click the logo below for additional details.  


The Live Stage Show

Our live stage shows are reminiscent of the old-time radio shows from the Golden Age of Radio, featuring creator Ed Bolden-Greer and an entire cast of voice actors and performers.  Our live shows create a community where entertainment and enlightenment merge in a night of darkness and horror.