Episode 5: Sibyl’s Rest
Release: January 2024

Website:  Ravens Vail Podcast Network 

After undergoing an intense spell to unbind her magic and restore her memory, Sibyl sleeps in a death-like magical coma with her father, Palmer Ashford, and Aunt Ruby Bea watching over her.  As her memories come flooding back, she’s visited by her best friends Lucy and Ruby, or was it all a dream?

Written and Narrated by Ed Bolden-Greer
The Voice of Sibyl Ashford was performed by Kristen Newby
The Voice of Aunt Ruby Bea was performed by Lena Perkins
The Voice of Palmer Ashford was performed by Jordan Walker

Audio Engineering & Sound Design by Nick DeVan at Nicky D Sound
Produced and edited by Jeryd Bolden-Greer
Podcast Theme music: “Nadira’s Theme” was written by Jeryd Bolden-Greer and performed by The Coven Squared.

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