Episode 1: Sibyl’s Shroud
Release:  June 2023

Website:  Ravens Vail

Description:  The story begins!  Ms. Sibyl Ashford faces her biggest fears and finds out more than she bargains for. What would you do if you didn’t know you were a witch? 

Written and Narrated by Ed Bolden-Greer

The Voice of Sibyl Ashford, performed by Melanie Alexander
The Voice of Mary Ashford, performed by Emily Machanoff
The Voice of Vrock Crocell (Raven Demon), performed by Jeryd Bolden-Greer

Audio Engineering & Sound Design by Nick DeVan at Nick D Sound
Produced and edited by Melanie Alexander and Jeryd Bolden-Greer

Podcast Theme music: “Nadira’s Theme” written by Jeryd Bolden-Greer and performed by The Coven Squared.
Ravens Vail is a production of Small Raven Media. Copyrighted 2023. All rights reserved All rights reserved.