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Season 1 | Episode 2
Jacob’s Haunting Series Part 1 of 6
Original Release Date:  December 16, 2023

Website: Ravens Vail

Description:   In this episode, Ravens Vail Cauldron Creator and Host Ed D Bolden-Greer and Co-host Jacob Garner present an overview of their new six-part series “Jacob’s Haunting,” where they will explore five of the darkest urban legends of Appalachia, including the Bell Witch, the Brown Mountain Lights of North Carolina, the Moon-eyed People of Appalachia, the Mothman, and the Bloody Hook.

Written and Hosted by Ed Bolden-Greer and Jacob Garner

Audio Engineering & Sound Design by Nick DeVan at Nicky D Sound
Produced and edited by Jeryd Bolden-Greer

Podcast theme music: “The Brew” and background music “Nadira’s Theme,” written by Jeryd Bolden-Greer and performed by The Coven Squared.  

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