Ravens Vail Christmas Special 2023
Release: December 20, 2023
Website: Ravens Vail

Description: Ravens Vail Creator Ed Bolden-Greer and Executive Producer Jeryd Bolden-Greer present a Very Scary Christmas gift for the Ravens Vail Family! Ed and Jeryd both wrote and performed their original story to spread a little Christmas cheer.  In the first story of the episode, Jeryd tells his bloodcurdling tale of St. Nicholas of Bari and the Kohlegeist.  In the second story, Ed tells his haunting tale of the Ravens Vail version of “Twas the Night Before Christmas.”  On behalf of the Ravens Vail Family, we wish you a Happy Winter Solstice and a Merry Christmas! May peace, joy, love, and prosperity follow you as you celebrate the holidays and the turning of the New Year. Let the magic of love brighten your smiles and enlighten your souls.

Written and performed by Jeryd Bolden-Greer
Narrated by Ed Bolden-Greer

Twas the Night Before
Written and performed by Ed Bolden-Greer

Audio Engineering & Sound Design by Nick DeVan at Nicky D Sound
Produced and edited by Jeryd Bolden-Greer

Podcast Theme music: “Nadira’s Theme ”was written by Jeryd Bolden-Greer and performed by The Coven Squared.

Ravens Vail is a production of Small Raven Media. Copyrighted 2023. All rights reserved All rights reserved.